Josephine's Village

Celebrating Loved Ones & Mending Broken Hearts

We are about helping families like us that are affected by CHD.


Josephine inspired us with her incredible warrior spirit and will to live.  We love her so much and want to make her proud.  In trying to make her proud we have set out to bring awareness to our community about Congenital Heart Defects. Having been through the journey ourselves with our beautiful, precious daughter, we know how difficult the journey can be and how it affects families.  We aim to help CHD families through charitable fund raising and partnering with local support organizations like the UVA Heart Family Fund and Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville. 




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August 17, 2019

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Our Heart Angel

Read her story here.....


I will not forget you.
You are in my waking thoughts,
my sweetest memories,
my dearest dreams.
I will not forget you.
You have touched my soul,
opened my eyes,
changed my very experience of the universe.
I will not forget you.
I see you in the flowers,
the sunset,
the sweep of the horizon
and all things that stretch to infinity.
I will not forget you.
I have carved you on the palm of my hand.
I carry you with me forever.
— by Ellen Sue Stern