August 17th, 2019

Race Sign up information


Josephine's Village


Our charity race is a Run & Walk event.

We want to include the whole family! This is going to be a fun event to raise awareness and funds to help those families in our community who are affected by Congenital Heart Defects.

Come run or walk with us! We can't wait to see you there!

When: August 17th

Where:  UVA Alumni Hall

2nd Parking Map.jpg

Where to Park

There is some parking behind UVA Alumni. There is also plenty of paid parking at the Central Grounds Parking Garage that is almost right across the street. It is so close! It does cost $2.50

Congenital Heart Defects are the most common birth defects in the United States,
affecting approximately 1 in every 110 babies each year.
— Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium

Start & Finish at Alumni Hall on Lewis Mtn Rd (please DO NOT Park on Lewis Mtn Rd)

Start & Finish at Alumni Hall on Lewis Mtn Rd (please DO NOT Park on Lewis Mtn Rd)

2019 Josephine’s Village 5K Course Map - Written Directions

Up Lewis Mountain Rd from Alumni Hall

R on Cameron Ln

L on Bollingwood Rd

R on Minor Rd

L on Alderman Rd

*cross to other sidewalk @crosswalk near Midmont Ln in front of St. Thomas Aquinas Church

L on McCormick Rd

*have to go through 2 crosswalks first at the traffic light; UPD officer will stop vehicles

*will need to switch sidewalks again @crosswalk near UVA Chapel

L on Newcomb Rd

R on McCormick Rd

*there will be a UPD officer posted in the on/off ramp crosswalk to stop vehicles

R on Alderman Rd

R on Lewis Mountain Rd down to Alumni Hall!

Paragraph Form:

Leave Alumni Hall by heading up Lewis Mtn Rd, do a loop through the Lewis Mountain Neighborhood (R on Cameron Ln, L on Bollingwood Rd, R on Minor Rd) before jumping on Alderman Rd and heading left down the sidewalk to our first mile marker and water station!  NEW THIS YEAR… we will be using both sides of Alderman Rd! As you come down Alderman you will see our volunteers in orange vests at the crosswalk in front of St.Thomas Aquinas Church; at this point you’ll cross the road to use the sidewalk on the other side of Alderman Rd until you get to the Alderman/McCormick traffic light, where a University Police Department Officer will be stopping traffic to make sure you can safely move through the two crosswalks at that intersection, placing you on the sidewalk on the far side of McCormick Rd.  Continue on McCormick Rd all the way into the heart of UVA Campus! When you get close to the UVA Chapel you’ll see some of our volunteers near that crosswalk, this is where you’ll switch to the other side of the road and continue down that sidewalk to University Ave where you’ll turn left. You’re only on University Ave for about 10ft until you turn left again onto Newcomb Rd and run up the hill to mile marker 2 and the second water station! When you get to the end of Newcomb Rd you’ll turn right back onto McCormick Rd (using the sidewalk you are now closest to; no need to cross the road again).  When you get back to the Alderman/McCormick traffic light turn right (no road crossing needed) and follow along the sidewalk or curb of the road until you hit Lewis Mountain Rd again! Once you turn right on Lewis Mtn Rd you’re in the home stretch! Keep going until you cross the finish line!


Donation Directions:

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*All donations are welcome! If you are unable to join us on race day, but would like to make a difference, please consider making a donation. No gift is too small!




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